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the Harden’s ankle sprain problems have to cause everyone to pay attention

Winning the series is certainly happy, but the Harden’s ankle sprain problems have to cause everyone to pay attention, the interview Harden said he will use these days of rest time to ice healing, because the next round of opponents regardless of the myteam points nba 2k17 or Grizzlies are not easy. The team needs to concentrate and prepare for the next round. G5 after the Thunder out, for them the end of the 2016-17 In the team headed Durant leave the situation, Wei less one pick up the team, this young thunder into the playoffs. Interview with the use of “good (good)” to describe the team this season, not go farther, but the whole season, everything is enough memorable, Doubles out of the league since the league’s strongest season.

After the game Oklahoma airport surrounded a large number of waiting for the “hero home” fans, no matter what ups and downs, they will always be the team’s strongest backing. Beijing time on April 26, the Jazz away 96-92 win over the myteam coins 2k17, the 2k17 myteam points big score 3-2 Two of the two teams in the contest, Hayward because of food poisoning and had to leave early, although he is still some weakness, still 16 of 9, efficient cut the team’s highest 27 points.

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