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the content is very detailed. At present, three county xiongan every village madden 18 coins the residency working group, thousands of villagers and village cadres to the front line, ate, listen to the madden 18 coins of public opinion, to the masses. “A straw hat on his head, to help farmers harvest wheat; dry farm work, through the fields.” walking in xiongan earth, warm heart “hat madden 18 coins” story heard everywhere. Zhen Shi Zhuang Cun of Rongcheng County, Wang Zhende sudden serious illness last year, has been in madden mobile coins, his wife is disabled, family is madden 18 coins difficult. Rongcheng County Bureau of education in village helping the working group learned of the situation, take the initiative to help carry out. Just two days, not only madden 18 coins the elderly on the harvest liangkuan, also sowed the seeds. The autumn rainy summer, for the masses just need to shut down the households, households, three madden 18 coins county implemented measures to help. The temporary repair, relocation, by way of helping, to solve the housing problems of the masses. “After investigation, madden 18 coins County farmers from housing 815 households, mut coins households just about 700 households.

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