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the audience 2k mt are fast break counterattack

In addition, the Spurs had 15 turnovers. “If we shot quickly, but the 2k mt is very bad, then the audience down are fast break counterattack,” Popovich said. “The opponent ‘s fast – break capability is better than we are, so we’re going to be smarter. A reporter asked Popovich, whether the fear of today’s bad state will continue to the next one. “I will not worry about going to the next game,” he replied, “for 2k mt, we will play bad performance again, or the player does not even play the game? The coach has a lot of nba 2k17 mt buy to worry about, but he will not worry about that.” During the 2k mt, there have been few times no one question, the scene silently into embarrassment. Popovich broke the deadlock and said, “Are there any questions to ask? Anyway, it ‘s too late. I have no place to go and you can continue to ask. When the reporter continued to ask, Popovich said: “I just said to continue to ask questions are tease you, ha ha. Nothing, continue to ask, just make sure that bottle of wine is still on the line.

“We just got the gift of the defense.” The last series (against the Thunder) is more of a war of 2k mt, we did not really open the third, so we have to go to the paint area to find a way to score this round of the series, On the buy 2k17 mt point of view they gave us a chance to vote three points. “Harden in the post-match interview concluded that he got 20 points today, but also sent a personal playoff record 14 assists. The first round of the series feel poor Anderson this field hit the 4-thirds, “when we have rebounds, playing conversion when the attack is the best time.I once played such a 2k mt, no one in the league can match Or win over us, “Anderson said.

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