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NBA regular season to buy mt, in the afternoon of the end of a game

Beijing time on April 8, NBA regular buy mt to continue, in the afternoon of the end of a game, the Thunder on the road to 99-120 hostile sun. Thunder side, although this service is less than the buy mt of the “big O” after the season to win three times the history of the second person, but he missed today by him and the big O together to cheap nba mt coins the single season three pairs Record. Today he got 23 points and 12 rebounds and 8 assists, and three pairs of only two different assists. buy mt the world is very pity on this, but buy mt the eyes of some of the things less than breaking the big O record much more important.

“Since I came here (Thunder), especially in this mt points, my main goal is buy mt championship,” Wei Shao after the game said, “If I want to get 10 assists, then I will be able to get 10 assists. Everyone wants to see me record, but for me or the team have more important things.