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The Catalan buy fifa 18 coins Autonomous Region

The Catalan Autonomous Region, located in the northeastern part of Spain, buy fifa 18 coins sought independence from the central government in recent months. On the buy fifa 18 coins of this month, the Spanish Prime Minister Rajoy held a cabinet emergency meeting, announced that Madrid will direct control of Catalonia. He has received the support of buy fifa 18 coins opposition party, can start the Article 155 of the Constitution, the temporary recovery of the region’s autonomy, and try to replace the fifa coins government, including buy fifa 18 coins leadership of the independent leadership. The Spanish Senate will discuss whether to approve these plans for Rajoy this week. Catalan leader Pugermont buy fifa 18 coins stated that he would not accept the Madrid plan. On the 1st of this month, the people of the Catalan Autonomous Region expressed nhl hut coins determination to divorce from buy fifa 18 coins.

Barcelona and La Masia youth policy

The departure of Pedro exacerbated the commercial trend of lamaxiya. Spain “national newspaper” pointed out that with the transfer of Chelsea Pedro, Barcelona youth training camp in the club lost the leading position, Barcelona players so benefit.
In the process of competing for Mourinho, Pedro defeated Pellegrini and Van Gaal. The midfielder will play together with Fabregas canary. Barcelona accepted the fact that Pedro left, just like Tiago to join the Bayern in 2013. Before the camp of the two players from the youth leave, Barcelona have promised them to reduce the requirements of the contract breach of contract payments.
The recent flow of the Barcelona player has been a trend, and that’s the way it is to introduce Neymar and Suarez as a member of the youth training camp. The introduction of Barcelona Vidal and Turan, in stark contrast with the sale of de Ukraine Luofeiwu, Adama and roman. Prior to Harvey had left, Puyol retired, Valdes, fonts, Mooney Ethiopia, Cuenca, huonasang dos Santos also in a different way away. Montoya, Dennis Suarez, Tello was loaned out, Halilovi will also be rent.
Earlier, in the face of Masia blowout like talent, it is difficult to absorb all of a club team. On the other hand, in the face of the FIFA punishment, Basa in the youth training camp also encountered difficulties. Barcelona can not stop the youth training camp players fled to the premier league. At the same time, the club began to implement rejuvenation strategy, introduced Ascencio, ODO, Vallejo and other players, which also forced Barcelona recombinant La Masia youth camp.
Barcelona club that want to let youth camp remain competitive, buy fifa 16 coins it is necessary to the implementation of the capital, but also stressed that is very difficult to create Harvey captained La Masia golden generation so brilliant. Now La Masia members only alba, pique, Busquets, Iniesta and Messi occupies the main position, rafinha, bartra, Robert, Sandro, Munir, horse etanercept Samper playing time is not stable of, and now Barcelona team has been relegated to Serie C, is even worse, in Spain won the UEFA European Under-21 Championship U19 squad, did not represent a Barcelona.
This situation is different from that of November 25, 2012. When Vilanova coached Barcelona in a 4-0 defeat Levante game, Alves after the end, Barcelona eleven players from La Masia: Valdes / Montoya,FIFA 16 Coins Online  Gerard Pique, Puyol, Alba / Harvey, Busquets, Cesc Fabregas, / Pedro, plum West, Iniesta.
In 2011 won the Barcelona Club World Cup champion cup 3-7-0 formation, La Masia with Valdes, Puyol, pique, Busquets, Harvey, Tiago, Iniesta, Cesc, Messi, and fonts and Pedro has also won a chance to play. Guardiola said that Barcelona youth training camp has been a good player, you only need to have the courage to arrange their play.” Barcelona coach, Guardiola decisively used previously only play in Serie D Pedro and Busquets.
In the style of the team, Cruyff and van Gaal, Frank Rijkaard, Guardiola and Jose Enrique can be traced to the same origin, Enrique now trust Messi, Suarez and Neymar the Trident, but not the survival space of Pedro de Wu his and Adama such Lamaxi sub edge of wing. Today, the Barcelona youth training camp and Real Madrid youth training camp is somewhat similar, Chick Here that is, the club’s young players often used as the introduction of external players exchange chips.
Because of globalization, the risk of losing their own characteristics in barcelona. Barcelona is more than a club “, which in a sense is they represented Catalonia’s strength of character. However, the” superstar “policy will allow Barcelona to sign of Rama West Youth Camp lost uniqueness. It is worth mentioning is that in the just finished playing in the Spanish Super Cup, Barcelona big score defeat to Athletic Bilbao and one of the biggest characteristics is doing everything possible to maintain their Basque ancestry.

Real Madrid to Barcelona on Rhetoric

For Real Madrid last season fronts defeat, King’s cup face Atletico, early exit; League lead for a while, start off the chain, was eventually Barcelona, Barcelona ahead of a round to win the champion of the Primera Liga, Real Madrid finally relegated to second place, continue to missed the championship; in the Champions League, Real Madrid have scored in the Champions League semi-finals, eventually enmity a Champions Juventus, kicked out. Last season, Real Madrid crop failure, in contrast, rivals Barcelona, won the treble, breath to win the Champions League, La Liga, the king’s Cup three championships.

The final results for the Italian Ancelotti Real Madrid “pay”, sadly class. The Spaniard Benitez go to take office, Real Madrid has now entered a new era.

Whether coach Benitez, or Real Madrid, Real Madrid’s goal of the new season is to win, as C Lo said, Real Madrid’s goal is to win all the championship.” C Luo is not exclusive to Benitez, I have never worked with him, he is an experienced coach. Let’s take a look at the next season, and I want to work with Benitez. I’ve been waiting for Benitez to work with.”

Benitez told Real Madrid squad is praised, “I have a very good team, I would like to work together with them, everyone here are for the team Jiexin do our best. Now I have no opinion of any of them.”

So what is the Real Madrid squad?


Real Madrid first team is now in a state of saturation, each location has at least 2 players from the reserve, many fronts can be described as is more than sufficient. Real Madrid first team worth up to 765 million euros. The data ranked the first Spanish, the Barcelona first team worth to 6.95 billion euros, Atletico team worth 3.54 billion.

Contrast with other European giants, Chelsea team worth 552000000 euros, 418000000 euros, 400000000 euros, 396000000 euros, euros, 568000000 euros, Juventus 353000000 euros. Real Madrid team worth the highest in europe.

Real Madrid team

Real Madrid goalkeeper is still double insurance tactics, Costa Rica goalkeeper nano gas and Spain goalkeeper Casilla. In addition the B team goalkeeper Ruben yanez through into the first team and act as the team’s third choice goalkeeper. Although Madrid did not sign de GEA, but nano gas and Casilla strength is not vulgar, to help Real Madrid to cope with all fronts. According to “Marca” reported, Benitez plans to Navas Fuzheng, first served as the team’s goalkeeper.

The defensive line, the right back position Real Madrid have three players, 31.5 million euros to introduce the Brazilian international Danilo, last season the main Carvajal, and the former Spain international Arbeloa. Right back will be very fierce competition, Danilo and Arbeloa Carvajal Each has its own merits., relegated to the bench. The left back is still Marcello and Fabio Coentrao configuration, in addition Arbeloa also guest left back. But Fabio Coentrao is often plagued by injuries, so the main left back is Marcello.

The centre back is still a combination of last season, Ramos, Valane, Pepe and Nacho. Because Pepe season injured, Ramos and varane will become the new season, Real Madrid’s main centre combination, Nacho continue to serve as a substitute. Although Pepe has over 32 years of age, but the state still brave, Real Madrid can still trust him.

Midfield, Real Madrid are the signings, repurchase the Brazil international jammed Miro, 30 million introduced the Croatia international Kovacic, but the main cross and Modric can not shake, two of them will become a reliable replacement. Lucas Silva of 16 shirt has ceded the Kovacic, and because the Spanish entry policy (first team up to three non EU players, Real Madrid camp now have 4 people), Lucas Silva will be Real Madrid loaned departure. Elias door in a subtle Di, Liverpool intends to introduce the Spanish midfielder.

In the frontcourt, ISCOR, J. lo, bell, c Luo, tcherichev, Lucas Vasquez, c Luo and bell will occupy the two starting positions, bell may play on the flanks, may also play in the middle, Ronaldo played on the left, tcherichev, Lucas Vasquez as sidewalk bench, ISCO with J Lo will face competition.

Center position, is the weakest point for Real Madrid, Real Madrid in the 9 position can only be enabled by Benzema or Heresy, can choose a relatively small number of players. “Marca”, “Aspen” have been reported, Benitez hopes to introduce a rich center, Real Madrid striker.


Real Madrid in the pre – season, try a few tactics, such as 4-4-2, 4-3-3, 4-2-3-1 or non – front tactics, the effect is not very ideal.

4-3-2-1, Benitez could play the main 4-3-2-1, may be the main way of Benitez

Benitez first in the training class tried 4-4-2, trying to bell in advance, partner Paul Hersey and Karim Benzema, but could not ideal effect. So in the warm-up match, Benitez mainly play 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1 two sets of tactics, and 4-4-2 or no front tactics are based on the content of the game to decide.

Real Madrid in the era of Carlo Ancelotti, mainly playing 4-2-3-1 with 4-3-3 two sets of tactics, Benitez is still followed the two play, but Benitez is doing a new attempt, such as arrangements for bell play as a midfielder, but the entire season, before the cup to play down, bell in frontal data too horrible to look at.

A major aspect of the new season bell will continue to become a Real Madrid, Benitez to give him in front of the degrees of freedom, Bell’s stance and movement determines the Real Madrid’s tactics.

In addition, Benitez is hoping the fullback in the game boldly forward, running so fast on the wing, can bring more depth to the offensive team. Benitez requirements, once you see the opportunity to move forward. Rafa Benitez believes Real Madrid last season exposed a weakness is that the offensive end could not get rid of the difficulties with the help of defence. Benitez thinks, the team is better than the front pressure frontcourt players back.


Compared to last season, 80 million introduction of J Luo, Real Madrid in the summer transfer window is very quiet, 31.5 million introduced Danilo, Casimiro 750 million, Lucas Vasquez 100 million, Casilla 600 million, Vallejo 500 million (was loaned out departure), Kovacic 3000 million, at present in the transfer market hit the 81 million euros, equivalent to the price of a j lo.

Real Madrid this summer transfer list

Joining players transfer fee (unit: Euro) from the club

Danilo 31500000 Oporto
Casey Milo 7500000 Oporto
Vasquez Lucas 1000000
4 Casilla 6000000
Ballejo 5000000 Saragossa


Kovacic 30000000 international Milan

Players transfer fee (Euro) to join the club
Khedira free transfer to Juventus
Casillas free transfer to Oporto
Pacheco free transfer Alves
Players on loan (unit: Euro) to join the club
Ballejo 0 Saragossa
Asensio 0

In terms of sale, Sami Khedira with Real Madrid contract expires, there is no contract, finally free to join Juventus; Hernandez with Real Madrid lease contract expires after the return to the Manchester United; the third goalkeeper Pacheco moved to join the Spanish second division team Aravis; in addition, Real Madrid will also bid farewell to the captain Iker Casillas, Spain goalkeeper joined the Portuguese giants FC Porto.

Real Madrid in the transfer period, to the lineup was supplemented,utcointraders  now Real Madrid or the lack of a striker, so Llorente et al’s name linked with Real Madrid. Spanish media reports, Benitez very much hope that Real Madrid to introduce a center.

Four Real Madrid players Daqing debut Real Madrid four Daqing players debut

Prospects for the season

The Real Madrid goal, nature is the impact of three trophies, La Liga, King’s cup and the Champions League, La Liga and the Champions League which is particularly important. The success of the last season, a great degree of stimulation of real madrid. But Real Madrid to win the championship, easier said than done.Chech Here.

Real Madrid team also has several disturbing factors: how to deal with the front bell relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo, how to deal with the position of the bell, if coordinate J Luo, ISCO et al, Benitez can dominate the Real Madrid locker room…

Real Madrid left a long list of questions about the new season.