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Zhan Jun: Real Madrid’s Horrible Swing Liverpool

Gao Wensi publishing hair wig BJD doll change makeup fine edge high density publishing package mail Real Madrid 3 matches leading. Do you want to know something totally new about the fifa 15 coins ? Then come to our website to have the lattest innformation about the fifa 15 ultimate team coins .Have a good time !The famous football commentator Zhan Jun and Chen Xirong guest Sina had to explain and comment on the game.Attack and defense conversion opening phase two of the rhythm very quickly, Chen Xirong said that Real Madrid should slow down.

Real Madrid hit the road, just the opening pressure, after 10 to 15 minutes, the pressure will be smaller.” Liverpool frequently uses the long-range goal threat to Real Madrid, Zhan Jun think that playing long shots may be one of the Rodgers game deployment. 15 minutes when J Luo canthus bleeding under the present to accept the bandage and replace the shirt, then the camera to Kathy is tidying up his gloves. Chen Xirong: “Cassie gloves has idea, because then the Real Madrid less a man. ”

If the referee must stop playing goalkeeper for equipment, so Cathy is buying time for J rom.Captain Buffon and Allegri similar views: “the second half we played well, created quite a few chances. We can get a point, but in the first half of regret. If we can always keep in the game in the second half will be different rhythm. The midfield when the coach made a few adjustments, the second half will play more smoothly.”Talking about the group pattern, Juventus goalkeeper said: “every loss let outlet goal more complex.

Zhan Jun exclaimed: “this is the C Rom.Perhaps you are looking for the fifa 15 coins, and you are always welcome to our website to buy the fifa 15 ultimate team coins.Don’t let him have the opportunity, he can score the opportunity.” Chen Xirong said: “there is no real Madrid this technical grades, it’s hard to think that this is a good chance. Rodriguez this to show his worth, don’t see this gently pinch, the technical content is very high, he saw the gap but also want to good this pass the what time what point height. C and J must be said Luo Luo heart lingxi. J Luo can dig in and great potential for real madrid. His national team in Columbia there are many ability doesn’t show.” Two people are of the view that the ball is not back the wrong but because C Luo action is too fast, the goalkeeper is not.

Barcelona and Real Madrid are preparing for round one of four

Barcelona and Real Madrid are preparing for round one of four

Last season the fans vibrated with five showdowns among the Spanish giants, and for this one there are four scheduled between Supercup and Liga for their delight.

If Barcelona’s success in the past three seasons has had so much repercussion worldwide, a great part of it is owe to their archrival Real Madrid, because their tight battles for each title in dispute do nothing but add prestige to the Catalan’s achievements. As if we were talking of a comic book where the hero wouldn’t be anything without a fierce villain, the same happens in Spanish football. If no big rival is behind a championship, the achievement consequently loses its dimension.

Last season was probably the most breathtaking of Barcelona’s three year hegemony, not only because they experienced an unusual number of confrontations against Real Madrid, with five games between Copa del Rey, UEFA Champions League and Liga BBVA, but also due to the presence of Jose Mourinho in charge of the Whites.

The Portuguese coach has an open war with Barcelona since his days in charge of Chelsea, when his complaints about the Spanish defending champions receiving help from the referees became something typical in his speech. In his first season in charge of Real Madrid, Mourinho stayed true to his mental game, attributing Barcelona’s success to third parties.

His conduct didn’t pass unnoticed by the UEFA that has banned him from three games, after considering inappropriate his statements about Barcelona having won their semifinals confrontation thanks to the referees’ influence.

We doubt that this punishment will have any effect in Mourinho’s speech, for nothing will keep him from saying how he feels; it has been demonstrated throughout his career. Therefore we invite you to get comfortable for round one of the 2011 12 season, which will be held at Santiago Bernabeu on August 14 with the dispute of the Spanish Supercup.

Round two will take place at Barcelona’s Camp Nou three days later, where the first title of the season will be decided. Then they won’t see each other until December for the first of two domestic league showdowns. Since Barcelona will be disputing the FIFA Club World Cup in Japan on the 14th of that month, the Classic date is under discussion to be disputed on the 10th or 11th.

And the last of four rounds will have to wait until April 22nd, 2012 if they don’t cross into each others’ road like they did last year during the Champions League Semifinals and Copa de Rey Final.

Real Madrid will face the first game with the advantage that having prepared all the preseason with its complete roster except from Gonzalo Higuain represents. History will also be on their side, since out of the four times that the Supercup has been disputed among them the Whites have walked away victoriously.

On their side Barcelona will appeal to the boost that haven’t experienced a defeat in three years at Madrid represents, as well as to Messi’s superb streak against Real Madrid, achieving 10 goals in 13 games.