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Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 vs FIFA: which is better?

? Villarriba or Villabajo? ? Coca-Cola or Pepsi? ? Dad or Mom? Or, stated another way,? FIFA or Pro Evolution Soccer? this is one of the most famous in the world of
video games and one of the most divided users dichotomies. Acolytes game EA Sports claim that this title is more complete and has more formal licensing teams. The title
of Konami affect the gameplay of PES is much higher.If you’re looking for good service and the best prices, fifaar is for you. Very good service FIFA 15 Coins XBOX One.

His latest editions, Pro Evoution FIFA Soccer 2014 and 14, are now on sale and like every year you have been great compliments and criticisms that have been raised.
Since a good part comes from fanboys / haters of both series, in this article we show from an objective point of view the pros and cons of both games:

FIFA 15: a commitment to the continuity

If there is something you can stand out of FIFA 15 is above all things that its creators have opted for continuity. No major technical or ostensible recorded new
changes in your engine, but approaches the game system that catapulted him to success a few issues ago. Yes, he makes some interesting points, as a renewal of the
player animations that makes their movements more natural.

His repertoire of dribbles remains wider than the Konami game though, of course, to run perfectly lot of it is highly recommended to use a joystick. As for his passes,
has been slightly modified dynamics, so it is now possible to fail some of those made in short, what you? Adds a complexity point of the title, but also more realistic.

As is traditionally the case, the variety of equipment including licensed FIFA 15 is much higher than that of PES. Hundreds of them are tens of worldwide links which
can be selected. You can also participate in official tournaments and league playoffs. Among the latter is the World Cup, the European Championship or the Copa
Libertadores. They can be arranged in 60 real stadiums to play.

The FIFA 15 PS3 Coins are delivered via player auction system and it is totally safe and secure for buying it online, which saves you much time and energy on matches in game for earning coins.

That yes, put a “but” in the section of your database, we can say that the number of national teams still somewhat reduced, something that has been chosen in recent
years as opposed to issues this game mid-late 1990s, where you could choose between combination of virtually all existing countries.

FIFA 14: the compilation of the best bugs with a wild mod for celebrations of Cristiano Ronaldo

Check out the compilation of the funniest and most disturbing of FIFA 14 bugs with fifa coins some facial expressions including some missed connections , assassins tackles and a mod allowing Cristiano Ronaldo celebrating his goals in a very original way.

This is the site that released this compilation of different bugs FIFA 14 players have tried to watch over and over again in slow motion before publishing everything on the fifa 14 coins internet, so the record is absurd or hilarious. It is however surprising from EA Sports is supposed to be well ahead of its rival PES in terms of accuracy and game engine , but many graphics and physical errors are inserted in matches between players , for the most delight of surfers who do not hesitate to share them with everyone. In this compilation , many confrontations took place between the players in various martial styles such as ninja techniques, karate but also a healthy dose of full contact . We find the romance between Carvajal and Pedro, who indeed air kiss ! Smiling or turning into horror masks facies are also present and highlight of the show : Cristiano Ronaldo celebrates a goal with his friend the bear who calls on the ground for the occasion, which is very certainly the work of modders to wandering thoughts.