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Recommended orange and attribute priority

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 For the birds of Germany that the old heart to a lot of orange, in different combat situations have different mix, but in most cases shoulders + wrist for all AOE fighting, wearing a fire on the shoulder if the suit, please choose to wear suit , Because the overall properties of the hand than the overall properties of the head much lower. And the wrist + ring for a long time with the AOE single arm with the fighting, such as the old 2, broken bridge and astrology, with wrist remember to drift, wrist if the trigger to the force, the night of these monomers BOSS war does not lose The

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 Of course, the traditional single core orange head + ring for all the fighting, but the head of the operation is relatively difficult, coupled with the current 4 sets and the new big features are more restricted cuckoo’s ability to switch, so the need for fire Of the BOSS war on the orange head is relatively weak, but not bad but also reduce the impact of DPS feel.

  For the balance of Germany, 31 fast (with orange) as 25% of the easy to match, so I recommend here 25% urgent need to better.

  AOE: 25% rapid> 12% -16% crit> proficient = all-around

  Monomer: master> = rapid> crit> Almighty = intelligence

  Holy things: 5 levels of the highest priority, single holding strong weak> Shadow Link> Light asylum; multi-target Shadow Master> speed of light> shock light

Basic entry approach

  Bird’s multi-goal battle is always the focus, the following I will introduce some AOE aspects of the content

  Mono (no orange): pre-read moon fight – month fire – yang surgery – incarnation – new moon – half moon – full moon – star surge X2 – anger X2 – moon X2

  (With orange): pre-read the moon hit – the new moon – month fire – Yang Yan – incarnation – half months – full moon – Xing Yong surgery – moon fight – Xing Yong surgery – anger X2

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Every German Objective in Its 7-1 Victory Over Brazil Created History. Here’s How.

For sheer spectacle and shock value, if not excellent of play, the 2014 World Cup will go down as the most memorable in history. With three matches to play, this tournament is four short of the 1998 record for many objectives scored in a World Cup. It already includes a first-class villain in Luis Suárez and his teeth, and an indefatigable underdog in Costa Rica. Now, with Germany’s semifinal 7-1 humiliation of hosts Brazil, the tournament includes a match that should be remembered for as long as people care about soccer. “Something like that occurs every single one hundred years,” stated former fifa 15 coins online Germany captain and present ESPN commentator Michael Ballack. This was not an exaggeration.


As Germany kept scoring and the hosts kept disintegrating in one particular astonishing 18 minute and 27 second period, then disintegrated a bit a lot more more than the course of the second half, the record-keepers had to help keep searching additional and additional back to seek out anything like what occurred in Belo Horizonte on Tuesday.


When Thomas Müller scored in just the 11th minute right after getting left unmarked on a corner kick, you could possibly compare the moment to Zinedine Zidane’s brilliant header off a corner to put France up 1-0 over Brazil within the 1998 Planet Cup final. When the Germans struck once again, this time on a mesmerizing group aim in the 23rd minute, it meant that Miroslav Klose had scored his 16th Planet Cup aim, breaking the record of Brazil’s Ronaldo. When Germany scored its third just before anyone had even a minute to approach the second, it seemed like a knockout blow, the makings of a historic embarrassment worse than Brazil’s 2-1 loss to Uruguay inside the 1950 Planet Cup final-the final time the tournament was contested in Brazil. That game, known in Brazil because the Maracanazo, or the “Maracan? Blow,” has been melodramatically described as the nation’s Hiroshima or 9/11. Just after this defeat, that 1950 match can ultimately be forgotten. It will be replaced with a new national sporting travesty, 1 that the nation can lament for 5 or so decades.


FIFA Coins but there was still a entire lot much more to come. When Germany scored its fourth target just two minutes right after its third and three minutes following the second, it was the first time the Brazilians had conceded numerous inside a Planet Cup match due to the fact 1954. At that point, ESPN’s Ian Darke declared Brazil’s Globe Cup “surely over” … but there was nonetheless a complete lot much more to come. The Germans kept pushing forward and breaking by way of the non-existent Brazilian defense, scoring their fifth and final purpose with the half just three minutes later. It was the initial time Brazil had conceded five ambitions inside a Planet Cup game considering that 1938 as well as the first time any team had scored 5 in a World Cup semifinal considering the fact that 1958 when Brazil did it to France. It was the fastest any team had reached 5 ambitions in the history of the tournament, the third time it had ever happened in one particular half, as well as the most recent instance given that Haiti lost to Poland 7-0 in in 1974. (Zaire had accomplished exactly the same dubious feat 1 day earlier within a 9-0 loss to Yugoslavia.)


At that point, the 5-0 margin would have equaled the biggest ever to get a Globe Cup semifinal. “Been to eight Globe Cups and have in no way noticed a efficiency like those 30 minutes from Germany. Just outstanding,” tweeted U.S. Soccer president Sunil Gulati.


But Germany still wasn’t performed. Brazil came out a little more animated inside the second half and forced Germany’s Tim Howard, Manuel Neuer, to create a couple of impressive saves. But Die Mannschaft struck for any sixth target in the 69th minute, this one by 23-year-old Chelsea star André Schürrle. That target meant that Brazil’s margin of defeat had overtaken a 6-1 U.S. loss to Argentina in 1930 and two other comparable scorelines because the worst semifinal loss in history. The final time a group had scored six within the semifinals was Germany’s 6-1 victory more than Austria in 1954.


When Schürrle scored his second and Germany’s seventh on a wicked left-footed blast in to the prime left corner, it tied the highest quantity of objectives ever conceded in any World Cup game by a host nation, which was also in 1954. At that point, some Germany fans got somewhat too excited.


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Today’s EM group match in the FIFA forecast

Tonight, the Netherlands B hits in the next European Championship preliminary round match of the group on the German national team. As this promising game could possibly go out, you betray the video forecast by Electronic Arts, in which the two teams compete in the FIFA extension to UEFA Euro 2014 against each other. Our FB: FUT Coins ; our Twitter: Buy FIFA Coins safe and Cheap; Our another page: FIFA Ultimate Team Coins safe and cheap FIFA Coins ;


In the next group match of Euro 2014, the Netherlands meets this evening on the German national team. We Also Electronic Arts has let the two virtual teams of Holland

and Germany in the FIFA already take 12 extension for UEFA Euro 2014 against each other to predict a possible outcome of the game. Is commented on the forecast live from Frank “Buschi” Bushman. Watch the video you can you forecast the present EM game between the Netherlands and Germany as usual below this message.


In any case, today’s game between Holland and Germany promises plenty of excitement: After the Netherlands lost the first game of the preliminary round with a 0-1 defeat against Denmark, they are now in a tight spot. If the second group match also be lost, chances for Holland to reach the knockout stage of Euro 2014, pretty bad. Despite his poor rating, Rojas still stands tall when it comes to pace. So if you are running on a low budget, then Rojas would be the perfect choice for you if you love pacey players. For an estimate of between 500 to 1,000 FIFA Coins PS3, FIFA Coins XBOX 360, you can have Rojas in your squad.


The German national team can tackle today’s game much more relaxed and make the next step towards the quarter-finals after their opening win against Portugal.