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The Bulls had previously announced that the operation of the Rondo thumb

The Bulls had previously announced that operation of the Rondo thumb did not require surgery, but when the return was uncertain. Series before the two games, Rondo averaged 11.5 points and 10 assists and 8.5 rebounds to help the Bulls made two victories in Boston. Bulls currently have a total score of 2: 1 lead. Beijing time on April 23, according to nba mt Score news, Golden State Warriors coach Steve – Cole is expected to not return in the first round of the playoffs, because of his personal health problems missed today Warriors and Trail Blazers G3 The

It is reported that the Warriors have not yet determined Cole’s condition is related to the medical problems he met before. In July 2015, Cole had a back surgery. But after surgery complications, causing the spinal cord leakage, making Cole in October that year and the back of the treatment. 2015-16 season, Cole also missed 43 games. Cole later occasionally there will still be headaches or nausea and nba 2k mt symptoms. According to ESPN reporter Mark – Stein’s news, Cole in Portland also need to add body fluids. Another news that Kohl extreme pain, or even unable to walk. are currently 3-0 ahead of the Blazers, the next game will continue in Portland, is expected to Mike – Brown will continue to serve as the spot command. In the interview after the G2, Fitzdale has blatantly criticized the on the referee was unfair, “Unfortunately, our mt coins like Mike – Conley so the whole career without technical foul players, leading to the referee did not give us Adequate respect, they deserve a reasonable respect. It ‘s a very bad game.

5 Tech Gifts to Impress Your Man for the 2010 Holiday Season

5 Tech Gifts to Impress Your Man for the 2010 Holiday Season

The pressure is building and you are not sure what to get your man this Holiday season to put a smile on his face. The socks, new toolkit, and tie you bought him last year were not the greatest gifts and you want to be able to impress him. Be the Tech savvy wife, girlfriend, or mom this holiday season and purchase your guy the electronic accessory he’s been hoping for. You can be the first in line during the surge on Tech Monday to pick up these unique gifts before they’re all sold out. ESPN 3D/Discovery 3D: Have a sports fanatic around the house? Impress him with the new ESPN 3D and let his sports dreams run wild. ESPN 3D will allow your sports enthusiast to enjoy all his favorite sports including the FIFA World Cup and allow him to wrap up the NFL season with the biggest hits and best plays right before his eyes. If he’s also into the outdoors, provide him with the richest views nature has to over with Discovery 3D. Don’t have the new 3D TV yet? Take a look at our next Tech gift.

Sony Bravia LED 3D TV: Is your guy one of the few people who missed out on Avatar in theatres? Does he want to experience it again at home on his comfortable couch with you? Give him the opportunity with the Sony Bravia LED 3D TV, which offers the most improved HD picture with the Bravia engine for motionflow, and runs in 1080p with 240hz for the best possible viewing experience. Sony provides the best in TV, Videogaming, Sports, and Entertainment in 3D. Starting at $1599 this is perfect gift for the Man who likes to be entertained and astounded in 3D.

Panasonic Toughbook U1: Do you have a list of broken electronics your guy has dropped and needs replacing? Panasonic has designed something to add durability to your husbands tablet PC obsession. No more worries of dropping the IPad, the Toughbook was built to withstand men who are klutzs or those that work out in the elements. This gift allows him to be on the move with his PC and get more work done before he gets home to spend time with you. This console keeps all the original aspects of the X Box 360 and adds its motion sensor camera, which captures all movements for an enhanced gaming experience. The beauty of this tech toy is that you can get games you can play along with your significant other or sneak few plays by yourself. You can grab this popular gift starting at $399 and it can be picked up at your local Electronics dealer or online at the X Box website.

Playstation Move: The other popular gaming console upgrade for this holiday season is the Playstation Move. Playstation has upgraded their console to include the handheld wireless control, which captures your movement on screen as you play. Similar to the Nintendo Wii, the Playstation Move utilizes motion technology along with a camera to capture your movements to make gaming truly interactive. Considerably cheaper than the X Box Kinect, starting at around $99 if you already own a Playstation 3, connecting the controllers and camera are easy. Pick up the Playstation Move at any electronics store, mainly Toys R’ Us or the Sony website.

ESPN captures FIFA World Cup in new viral video

ESPN captures FIFA World Cup in new viral video

When ESPN released the FIFA World Cup Drama video on Friday, the network unleashed excitement from the fans for the upcoming FIFA World Cup that is being held in Brazil. Looking to get fans ready for the games in six months, the network probably didn’t realize the simple video would go viral so fast. According to Indian Express on Friday, the video is one of the top seen segments in the world as over a quarter of a million people have watched it in 48 hours.

This year the challenge for fans will be to keep a pulse on everything that is going on. From the award season in Hollywood that stretches six weeks, the Winter Olympics and the FIFA World Cup, there is plenty of television to watch. What makes all the choices so interesting is the topics are all global as individuals around the world come together to celebrate life, entertainment and sports.

Of course the viral video produced by ESPN has got soccer (or football, depending on the continent) fans delighted. Highlighting celebrity players on the field, offering up scenes showcasing the beauty of Brazil and reminding everyone the excitement of the games, it doesn’t matter what language is spoken as it is all about the game.

Take a look at the video clip called FIFA World Cup Drama from ESPN. Even soccer fans can appreciate the excitement of these star athletes.