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EA promises to bring changes to every aspect of the team play in FIFA 16

We got a chance to play Fifa 16 behind closed doors at this year’s gamescom. Aside from the improved graphics, updated teams and UI tweaks, here are five of the biggest changes that you can expect to see later this year. Perhaps the biggest and most poignant change to Fifa 16 this year is the introduction of the Women’s international teams. 2015 has been a huge year for the women’s game, with both the World Cup and FA Cup Final being televised in front of huge audiences. Through the introduction of women’s international teams comes the chance for a whole new fan-base to take to the FIFA platform and play as their newly found heroes. While they move and play just like their male counterparts – their performances captured in typical FIFA style – the devs at EA told me that the most difficult part was adding the physics of ponytails… and they look great!

The game covers 78 stadiums too, fifa 16 coinswhich we are going to look forward in this post with the other add ons really making the game interesting and more realistic to feel. The trailer is grandeur as the game is loved and played all over the world, it features players with amazing graphics and a great intro which really gets you going to play it. The gameplay is even more beautiful then the trailer, they have shown the crafting and designing of players attacking and defensing. This time you have more control while attacking as well as defending and keeping. A more perfectly monitorized set of skills is built in the game well speaking of it why not take a look at it?

There were essentially 3 major improvements to the game. First up was “confidence in defending” something that was a feedback from the FIFA community about players with pace would easily break away from defenses especially from slide tackles which were committed. This year, EA developers have added new animations to enhance defending. We noticed this during our hands on too that we could not easily break out of a slide tackle and continue tracking an attacker which was a nice addition. You could also rely on FIFA 16 AI team mates to cover dangerous runs. Notably team mates would run to cover free areas to try to intercept passes with slides and interceptions breaking up the attack flow.

That isn’t stopping EA, however. Even with a short development cycle, the developer is aiming to make FIFA 16 the most realistic soccer experience next to being at the stadium. And from what I saw at E3, they’re getting there. The best way I can describe my time with the game is with the phrase, “less look, more feel.” Perhaps it’s the silly “next-gen” expectations that leave me unimpressed visually, but FIFA 16 doesn’t appear to have made a significant leap from last year’s installment. The most noticeable upgrades are to the pitch surfaces. Now you’ll start to see wear and tear on the field as the match goes on. It’s a really neat, atmospheric feature, but I can’t help but feel that the feature was a bit exaggerated to make up for the lack of visual improvements elsewhere.

We’ve been checking out FIFA almost every year we’ve been covering E3, and the sports franchise manages to impress almost every time. Perhaps that’s why it’s a best-seller in Europe, year after year, despite occasionally not featuring as much new content as usual. With FIFA 16, EA promises to bring changes to every aspect of the team play, and add notable new content with women’s teams. fifa 16 coinsFrom what we’ve played of the game, the changes are already apparent and will likely cause players to shift their strategy and adjust to a more balanced game of footy. Look for FIFA 16 to launch on PC, Xbox One, and PS4 in September. A version of the game will also release on Xbox 360 and PS3.

You keep your players forever, fifa 16 moedaslike it happened before in the extinct FIFA World; Game play looks like FIFA on Playstation 3 and XBox 360; New moves make action more fluid; For the first time ever, celebrations were added to the game; Only Ultimate Team game mode; Instead of quick sell cards, you can now exchange them. FIFA 16 Mobile will be available from September 22.



Byline: MARTYN LEEK leek: see onion. leekHardy, vigorous, biennial plant (Allium porrum) of the lily family, native to the eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East. It has a mild, sweet, onionlike flavour.I HAD waited a long, long time for this.It does some things extremely well but some of the other things ithas to do are plain awful.In an attempt to make the game more realistic and less arcade like,EA has tweaked See tweak. the game substantially from its 2003 incarnation.Most serious of these adjustments is the much vaunted off the ballcontrol. You’re meant to be able to press a button and then controlsomeone further up the pitch rather than the man who has the ball.This feature is very hard to master and simply not needed. EAshould just have programmed better AI in the players you’re notOne of the welcome tweaks is that they’ve made the matches

FIFA 15 general wishlist

FIFA 15 general wishlist

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I tired of playing “battle of the lofted passes”. EA please either make defenders react quicker when they see an attacker starting a run or make chip balls less accurate.

Headers are slightly OP. Although i have found that pressing square or circle as opposed to X when trying to head the ball is more effective when defending

Pace balance is almost there. I think by making defenders react quicker to incoming runs will fix this beautifully

New freekick system its not that the current one is bad but i think it can be improved so that its a little more skill based and dynamic (remember when you could choose where on the ball you want to strike it? That was cool)

Make goals more like snow flakes no two are the same. Lets see a little more “the goalie gets his finger tips to it but the shot was too powerful” and “the goalie misread the shot and stretches a little too far the wrong way” I find that ball behavior in rainy conditions is much more random and interesting without being too over the top and i think it more closely resembles the kind of varied goals we see in real life without taking away rewarding a players skill. I must add however FIFA has steadily been getting better at this over the years

Organize player ratings/parameters and team management visuals better. Maybe give them a UT like card appearence only more in depth maybe? As well as a flashier team management screen