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Raptors coach Kathy also nba coins that last year’s experience was helpful

Because last year had a confrontation, so Lori said these feelings well aware of. nba coins coach Kathy also mentioned that last year’s experience was helpful. “The experience of the previous year has really helped us.” Casey said, “they joined Korver, they also joined the new De Long, they are not the same, but in the strategy they have to do Has not changed. ” Casey stressed that the nba coins of all the keys are James. “Everything is the nba coins lies in LeBron. He is the actual point guard on the field, he can judge the situation on the field, can accurately pass … … everything is because LeBron.”

This is Casey’s third in the playoffs against James. Once the last time the Raptors met in the Eastern Conference nba coins, the other is the 11th NBA Finals Mavericks beat the Heat to get the championship. Casey is the assistant coach of the Mavericks, and LeBron in that round of the series in the performance of a large loss level.
Talking about the third showdown James, Casey said, “He is not the nba 2k coins player. Compared with 2011, he is now more experienced. … … against him he is always a huge challenge because he is too nba 2k mt coins, He can make the surrounding players better.When he is present, his nba coins will vote more accurate because he is very accurate timing and tactics; and on the defensive end, he can understand and see through our tactics Everything is because of LeBron.

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