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the Harden’s ankle sprain problems have to cause everyone to pay attention

Winning the series is certainly happy, but the Harden’s ankle sprain problems have to cause everyone to pay attention, the interview Harden said he will use these days of rest time to ice healing, because the next round of opponents regardless of the myteam points nba 2k17 or Grizzlies are not easy. The team needs to concentrate and prepare for the next round. G5 after the Thunder out, for them the end of the 2016-17 In the team headed Durant leave the situation, Wei less one pick up the team, this young thunder into the playoffs. Interview with the use of “good (good)” to describe the team this season, not go farther, but the whole season, everything is enough memorable, Doubles out of the league since the league’s strongest season.

After the game Oklahoma airport surrounded a large number of waiting for the “hero home” fans, no matter what ups and downs, they will always be the team’s strongest backing. Beijing time on April 26, the Jazz away 96-92 win over the myteam coins 2k17, the 2k17 myteam points big score 3-2 Two of the two teams in the contest, Hayward because of food poisoning and had to leave early, although he is still some weakness, still 16 of 9, efficient cut the team’s highest 27 points.

The Bulls had previously announced that the operation of the Rondo thumb

The Bulls had previously announced that operation of the Rondo thumb did not require surgery, but when the return was uncertain. Series before the two games, Rondo averaged 11.5 points and 10 assists and 8.5 rebounds to help the Bulls made two victories in Boston. Bulls currently have a total score of 2: 1 lead. Beijing time on April 23, according to nba mt Score news, Golden State Warriors coach Steve – Cole is expected to not return in the first round of the playoffs, because of his personal health problems missed today Warriors and Trail Blazers G3 The

It is reported that the Warriors have not yet determined Cole’s condition is related to the medical problems he met before. In July 2015, Cole had a back surgery. But after surgery complications, causing the spinal cord leakage, making Cole in October that year and the back of the treatment. 2015-16 season, Cole also missed 43 games. Cole later occasionally there will still be headaches or nausea and nba 2k mt symptoms. According to ESPN reporter Mark – Stein’s news, Cole in Portland also need to add body fluids. Another news that Kohl extreme pain, or even unable to walk. are currently 3-0 ahead of the Blazers, the next game will continue in Portland, is expected to Mike – Brown will continue to serve as the spot command. In the interview after the G2, Fitzdale has blatantly criticized the on the referee was unfair, “Unfortunately, our mt coins like Mike – Conley so the whole career without technical foul players, leading to the referee did not give us Adequate respect, they deserve a reasonable respect. It ‘s a very bad game.

The first battle home regret fall the 2k mt part of the seeds of the Raptors playoff road

The first battle home regret fall, the eastern part of the seeds of the Raptors playoff road is not so good to go, the first game they only get 83 points, especially in the fourth quarter is only got 13 2k mt, will surrender victory Phase to let. The reason why the attack so abnormal, part of the reason to blame Lori, his game 11 vote 2 only scored 4 points, is it a ridicule to be ridiculed in the “garbage brother” have to appear?

After the game, has always been big mouth of O’Neill also did not give Lori leave, and put the rumors headed point guard in the second station is also difficult to give the team enough help. But Lori himself did not agree, “I need to do better, because this is my fifth game after the return, so I will not put it (downturn) on the heart, I will become better.” Today after the start of 2k mt game, the two sides into an anxious, the score was also the trend of dogs. Lori Although the opening did not choose to immediately attack the basket, but through nba2k mt offensive organization and defense to find the game feel. After more than half of 2k mt first section, Lori around the top of the cover after the cover, then Drou assists hit the 2k mt hit, which is his buy 2k mt this year, the first shot three-pointers.