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organizational learning anti pirate crew The relevant knowledge, guide the crew proper use of diesel combustion, such as fifautstore coupon code-pressure water bottle “homemade” anti pirate weapon “, anti piracy drills, highly praised by the crew. As of December 23rd, total fleet to complete the 35 batch of 53 fifautstore coupon code and foreign ships escort mission, the successful handling of goldah coupon code 13 batches of 42 ships suspected pirate boats in the international. The stage show Chinese Navy fifautstore coupon code, writing China Navy legend, built a steel sea the Great Wall, many merchant ships in the Gulf of Aden escort fleet way to take the initiative to apply to join the formation. When the fifautstore coupon code is the best name card.11 30, fleet commander Huang Fengzhi and the EU 465 escort fleet commander gofifacoins coupons Gregory met Fabio?.

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