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Indonesia embassy minister madden coins

Indonesia embassy minister Ms.Listyowati, the Egyptian madden coins in China Mr. Hussein Ibrahim Morsy counsellor, Angola, Cuba, and Shanxi embassy official Garner, provincial Party committee, madden coins Jiang provincial group, Anhui provincial Party committee, the relevant departments of Beiqi shares Automobile Research Institute and other leaders, guests and all campers madden coins the opening ceremony. Mao Xiaogang, deputy secretary of the Beijing municipal Party committee of the smooth start of summer madden mobile coins the warmest congratulations to madden coins the campers to “cherish the opportunity, day and night, mutual aid, friendship, harmony coexistence. Beiqi group Party committee, organization department and human madden coins department Wang Jianping said, hope to study the status of town campers on the 10 day of the trip, the experience of cultural heritage, the perception of the progress of madden coins and technology, sharing of innovation and development. After the summer camp launching ceremony held a” The Belt and Road “inheritance and development of the madden coins forum, ambassador the Rwandan mut coins Lt.Gen Charles KAYONGA, the Egyptian Embassy counselor Mr.Hussein Morsy and Ibrahim respectively from the culture, art, madden coins protection, inheritance, development and innovation of science and technology,

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