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How to distinguish jade marks and cracks on bracelets?

Jade businessmen have a mantra: “no pattern of jade.” This sentence has some truth, such as with 10 times magnifying glass or the naked eye to observe a jade bracelet, some small jade pattern (also known as jade tendons) is not surprising, these jade grain in addition to damage the beauty of jade, There is little impact on ruggedness. Crack is another matter, it is in the jade mining, transportation, processing or storage process, due to explosion, knock, vibration or collision and the formation of secondary cracks, these cracks often have obvious cracks, even with Nails can scratch hit. The color of the crack is often black or tan, with this cracked bracelet, although not immediately split, but lurking the risk of easy to break, in particular, affect the appearance, giving a feeling of imperfect and not happy, Affect sales.

How to test the size of the ring when buying jade bracelets? How to choose the color?

In the purchase of bracelets, to test you need to wear Cartier nail bracelet replica a large circle is not difficult, there are two main situations: 1, buy bracelets I was present, as long as the bracelet can wear four long fingers (ie large Except for the thumb) to the “tiger’s mouth”, feel a little tight, and then remove the bracelet, measuring the diameter, for example, just 55 mm, then, this size is your fit for the circle. If you like to loose a little, then increase 1-2 mm, you can easily wear or remove. Some people like to wear a little bit of jade bracelets, and even do not intend to wear and then removed, and that the size can be reduced by 1-2 mm, and try on the spot. Try to wear some detergent or soapy water in the hands, please help others, forced to bracelet wrist can be worn. 2, the purchaser itself is not present, it is best to know the size of their own requirements bracelet, some people at home with a small rope will wrist around, and then ask someone to take a small rope to buy jade bracelet, this is Hard to be accurate. In terms of color, young people love too shallow, in the elderly are like the dark tones of the bracelet, young women like to have red and green hibiscus species, light green flowers and beautiful violet bracelet. Middle-aged women like light green beans green, green and rich violet bracelet. Elderly favorite violet or emerald with green and white “Fu Lu Shou” three-color bracelet, poor economic conditions are like dark green green beans green, green oil and melon green and other green bracelets. In addition, with a clear green white jade bracelet is almost universally loved.

How to wear and protect bracelets?

With jade, all kinds of soft jade or agate made of jade bracelets are relatively hard, but they are brittle, easy to crack or broken pieces. A precious jade bracelet if properly protected, not hit, even if wearing a few decades will not break, but if the collision with the hard objects or fall on the hard floor, then half a second will be damaged. Therefore, the bracelet ring should not be too small, so as not to wear or remove when the ground was broken.

How to buy jade pendant?

The so-called emerald “pendant” mainly refers to: the Lunar New Year pendant, three light body pieces (jade buckle, chicken heart and hanging) and two carved pieces (Guanyin and Maitreya Buddha) and flower pendant four categories. When buying the above-mentioned pendant, there are a lot of Replica Cartier jewelry precautions about the type, size, quality, and custom taboo. The following is a brief description and description:

1, on the type and size of the choice, in general, the heart of the chicken, hanging for women to wear, and “men wear Guanyin female Dai Buddha”, jade buckle for men and women wear, but men prefer big buck (30 mm above) Women’s children prefer, the small deduction is the universal law.

2, on the quality of good and bad requirements: In general, jade deduction, chicken heart and hanging light and other body parts do not allow cracks. Jade carving factory in the election material will pay attention to this point, that is, “there is no light body do not split”, because the light body without any pattern can be blocked, even if the finished product is also difficult to sell. In contrast, the Goddess of Mercy and the Buddha and flower pendant, the zodiac pieces are often clear or dark cracks or jade pattern exists, the so-called “no pattern does not carved pieces.” Of course, the price is more expensive in the high-end carved pieces are not allowed to crack, double-sided carved pieces are not allowed to crack, in addition, if dirty points and stone flowers have to wait or included in the defective.

3, on the customs and taboos, infants and young children due to delicate skin, not with the purchase of metal plum buckle pendant, only jade buckle does not need plum buckle, so the most appropriate.

What are the forms and contents of the emerald pendant?

A wide variety of jade pendant in , too numerous to mention, but generally can be classified as follows:

1, according to the carving of the craft points: a double embossed, single relief, three-dimensional carving (garden carving), hollow carving, a relief side of the carved and double-sided shallow carving several, which double embossed flowers and flowers The points

2, according to the shape of the pendant: common with a circular, oval-shaped, rectangular, triangular (see), lock-shaped and irregular shape of several.

3, according to the contents of the pendant: a zodiac culture, there are religious and cultural categories, such as the Buddha, Guanyin, cross, there are Lu Lu Shouxi culture class, such as Longfeng Chengxiang, two dragon opera beads, Songhe extension, Wufu Shou Shou , There are light body such as chicken heart, jade buckle, trousers and so on.

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