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FIFA 18 NEWS Milan legend Maldini said in an interview about Obam

(Click to buy fifa 18 coins,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins) he said Obama’s development is far beyond the team had his expectations. Oba Menyang was once a member of the Milan youth team, but the Gabon striker did not gain a foothold in Milan. Maldini said in an interview: the level of Obermayan is what I have never expected, and now the development of the situation is far beyond the Milan had his expectations. At that time the team is very strong, young players are difficult to get the opportunity in the first team, he chose to leave is the right decision. I am happy with the achievements he has made, and his performance makes me very pleasantly surprised, and I have seen him recently, and he loves Milan, but he is now paying too much. In addition, Maldini also talked about this summer from Barcelona to Paris, Nei Maer; now the transfer market has changed, the value of the value of Nemal. You introduce him not only for his performance on the pitch, he is a football brand. Paris wants to prove to all, the team has the strength to introduce Nemal, C Lo or Messi such players. Del Neri: Despite the hardships, we finally won the key one-thirds.
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FIFA 18 NEWS According to the Italian media, “Udinese blog” reported that Udinese coach Del Neri in the press conference after the game, talked about the current view of the league. Yesterday, Udinese pouring rain 1-0 victory over Genoa, the end of the two-game losing streak. Del Neri said: Our first two rounds suffered a bad failure, today 11 dozen 10, we basically grasp the situation, even if our physical condition is not the best. For an eager to break out of the troubled team, despite the difficulties encountered, but I also satisfied, we got a very important one-third, which is the team forward is a very good driving force. ; Pezela’s red card? As a young player born in 1997, he was very young and must be more powerful in tactics, techniques and handling the ball. Del Neri said: “We also have the same situation as Beech Lami, there is a yellow card, which also to some extent affected their play. “Today there are some new faces in our starting lineup, and Lazania is doing well on the left front, and the match between Maxi-López is good and I am very satisfied that they can live together The I think VAR technology is a great support for the development of modern football, although the decision time now looks a bit long, but I believe that this technology will become mature later, I think the referee will use it well. Use today 433, is that we studied Genoa before the game, and then made the arrangement. Genoa is a respectable team, their defense is very good, but also caused us no small difficulties. ;

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